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Sept 8th Tourney

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  • Sept 8th Tourney

    We are looking for one OF only. We have enough for a full team however it is always nice to have an extra player on the roster in a tournament. The last three tournaments we have placed in the top 4 and played at least 6 games. We are not looking for your average league players, someone that can dominate in a co-ed league is not what we are looking for. We are looking for someone with great range, accurate arm (have to be able to hit cut every time), power isn't a necessity just a bonus, but a high average is very necessary (.600 plus) The tournament is a 1-Up rule and will allow USSSA bats. A few of us may get together tomorrow Sept 7th for a batting practice if you want to give it a shot. Hell maybe we already know you, most of us play in leagues around the city...Santee Sportsplex, El Cajon, Golden Hill, Lemon Grove, PB, OB and Mira Mesa.

    Location is in Temecula (Temperature is appox. going to be 100 degrees, no cloud coverage)

    ASA Rating: Can not be any higher than a 'C'

    Cost $35

    Email: mvprkvjr (at) yahoo (dot) com